Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Dog Friends!!!

My Parents and I wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you all got lots of fun new chew toys! I got a big peanut butter flavored bone! WOOF!!! I hope you were all good, too!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Over Thanksgiving we went to Florida for a vacation. Mom and Dad found this awesome dog beach and I got to swim in the OCEAN!!! There were lots of pups to play with and swim with. I had an awesome time. This picture shows me enjoying the sun on my face and looking at the beautiful water!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

BOO!!! I'm Ghostly!

I'm a month late, but hope you all had a SCARY Howl-o-ween!!! I certainly enjoyed all the doorbell ringing and kiddos coming to my house!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Look at Me!

Here are two pictures. One of me on my first day home with my dad, and one from tonight at 7.5 months old. Look at the difference! I grew up fast!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


I must be the exception to all retrievers because I don't LOVE eating...

Mom fed me at 5:00 and here it still is at 5:30 and I'm still not interested.

Are any of you the exception to the rule? Mom says all her other retrievers ate their food in less than 2 minutes - they ate like it was the last meal they would ever eat...not me! I'm a grazer, eat a little bit at a time. How else could I possibly maintain this beautiful figure?!

Favorite Spot!

This is my favorite spot to sleep in. I love the coolness of the fireplace and I especially like licking the bricks. The texture feels so nice on my puppy tongue! Do you have a favorite place to nap?!?!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I had a great day at Doggy Daycare! It is now 6:45 and I've been asleep right here since 3:45!

Mom doesn't understand that I just want to sleep, but she says I'm beautiful and needs to get in my face with the camera...

Okay, back to sleep. Goodnight!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I went on my first camping trip! It was SO FUN!!!!!!!!! I got to chew on a TON of sticks, go for an awesome hike and play in waterfalls (I also pulled my Dad down a big hill because I was so excited...but I don't want to embarass him too bad with any pictures). We slept in a tent and even got to spend some time sleeping WITH Mom and Dad. I sleep in my crate every night, but they were nice enough to let me cuddle with them in the morning after my potty break! It was SO COOL! I love being outside, playing in the leaves, and feeling the wind in my luscious blond locks. Haven't I gotten BIG! I weigh 50 pounds now!

Trip to Ohio

In September Mom and I went on a BIG trip to Ohio! We drove 12 hours together from Atlanta to Ohio and I did a pretty great job. I only got car sick through the Atlanta traffic...but Mom also gave me dramamine. I pretty much just slept the whole time. We stayed in a hotel in Kentucky and man was it fun! I got to jump from bed to bed...although I fell short a couple times and landed half on the bed and half on the floor. Mom thought I was pretty funny. Ohio was great though and I think I got over my fear of the car when I was there. I met my Aunt Darla the black lab and we played a little bit. She is an old dog so she didn't really like to play with me. We did go for a walk in the woods and she and I ran through acres and acres of forrest and I had a great time running with her. It was the first time Mom let me off the leash and I loved being FREE!!!! I also got to play with my cousin Pete the Beagle. Mom has some pictures and videos so enjoy!

Darla and I just hanging out in the Kitchen

Tired after running around in the woods!

Woof! I'm BACK!!!

What a busy 3 months it has been! My Mom is to blame for lack of posts and has no excuses! A lot has happened since July. Mom is back to work full time...Dad works entirely TOO much and I now go to Doggy Daycare!!! Mom thought I was doing a great job staying alone while they were at work, but of course back then I was only 4 or 5 months old and I have TONS of energy so I started a project.

I thought Mom and Dad's walls could use a little character.

As well as their windowsills...

 and molding along the floor.

Seriously what would a retriever's home be like if it didn't have some "doggie love" done to it. So they found the greatest doggy daycare place and I go there 2 or 3 times a week. When I come home I'm so tired I fall asleep as soon as I eat dinner! That gives Mom and Dad some human time. So glad I'm back and I can't wait to catch up with what has been happening in all of your doggie lives!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Car Sickness....STILL

I STILL get carsick! WTF!!! Mom and Dad are as frustrated about it as I am! I like to go to the dog park, to chloe's house, to dog training and I keep getting sick. Mom wants to take me to Ohio to visit my family and my Aunt Darla the Black Lab. She's hesitant to take me because of my car sickness. GRRRR!! I want to be cured of this!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sorry! We've been busy!!

Hey guys! Sorry we have not blogged in a long time. Mom has been busy with getting ready to go back to work. She is a teacher and the schools here South of HotLanta start the first week of August. I have overheard her talking with Dad about whether or not I can stay by myself all day while they are at work. They created my own puppy play land (photo below) so I have more room to frolic and play while they are gone. I absolutely love it. I like to pull my towels down off of my crate and lay on them and swing them around. The longest they have left me is 5 hours and I am happy to report that I made NO ACCIDENTS!!! Boy were my parents proud of me...I'm proud of myself, too! I get treats when they come home and there are no accidents to clean up. So I'll be alone for about 10 hours during the day sometimes less. Mom and Dad say they don't care if I make an accident because I'm still a puppy, but mom worries it is too long to be by myself and I might start causing some destruction. If the dog walker came it would only be a half hour and is expensive, but at least I'd have someone to come in and see me. On long days (when mom has school meetings) the dog walker will come, but not on a daily basis.

She wants your any of you work full-time and what did you do with your precious pups during those long days when you pups were still babies like me? I'm only 5 months old!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dogs on the Couch?

Are you pups allowed on the couch? Because it is my new favorite place and I get yelled at everytime they find me in this spot! Mom seems to not care as much as Dad does. She's an excellent cuddler and I think we'd have some good cuddle time if I was allowed on the couch. They say I am going to be a big dog and they don't want me jumping up there when people are visiting us. Some people apparently don't LOVE dogs like Mom and Dad do...

So what do you all think? Are you allowed on the couch?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Puppy Vacation...WHAT!??!

Mom and Dad just told me I was going on Puppy Vacation. WHAT?!?! You mean I am going to leave my humans and go live with dogs for 4 days? I am not sure if this a good thing or a bad thing. My humans are going to this place called Savannah, Georgia for a long weekend. Apparently humans have to work during the week and don't get to play, chew whatever they want, sleep for hours, and do it all over again. So they are leaving me to take a break. I think I might be excited to go play with other will probably be fun! Mom says she got a great deal! If I get dropped off after 3 o'clock then she doesn't have to pay for that day and even then it is only 20 bucks! = ) Do any of you have any advice about dog vacations for a rookie like me!?

This is my new favorite picture...I'm starting to get BIG!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Favorite Activity...EATING TREATS!!!

This is the YUMMY treat...

This is me showing EXCELLENT obedience in order to receive my treat...

And here is a video of me after I am allowed to have my treat!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doorstop Attack Numero Dos

We went to the vet AGAIN yesterday. All went well with the exception of these annoying door stops. I attacked them naturally!

Then Mom found worms in my poo...when you were pups did you have worms? I got this thing called a "dewormer" yesterday and Mom tells me that is why they are coming out of me. Ewww GROSS!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

How many pictures does it take!?!?






6 (ALMOST) least it isn't blurry!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Local Bark and Bath!

On Thursday Mom and I went on a field trip to a place called Bark and Bath. I thought it was going to be a great place and I was a little bit wrong. I had to take a BATH and get my NAILS CUT! YUCK! Mom said it was worth taking me there because I'm such a rambunctious pup. So the bath part wasn't cool. We also found out that they have a doggie day care service. (This part sounds great to me!) It is $10.00 and I can go there all day and play with all kinds of dogs and my mom can pick me up later in the afternoon. She says this is a much better deal than my dog walker (even though she is AWESOME). $10 for the whole day or $15 for a half hour. I am not good at math, (I don't even know what math is) but the doggie day care sounds like a better deal to me!

Here are some pics of me after my bath. I don't understand why they put a blue bandana on me though. I am a girly girl and while baby blue is a beautiful color I think colors like pink, purple, or yellow might be a better fit!

Hope you had a FUNtastic weekend!!

Happy DOG Father's Day!


Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am hunting flys. I do not like them. My family does not like them. I will remove them from my territory. However, they get behind these white things on the windows and I cannot get to them. I will try until I succeed. I hear in addition to me being a water dog I am also a hunting dog, I am said to hunt small game, and this is my specialty. Flys count as small game right?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Minor Injury...I'm Okay!

I had a minor injury last weekend, but don't worry I'm FINE!!! I had my first day of training with Mr. Doug and my paws got a little hurt. First of all I'm a stubborn pup and I want to walk on the leash my way or no way. So I put my paw down and said NO I will not walk with you. Did you canines know that humans are just a little bit stronger than us pups? Mr. Doug made me WALK! So I just drug my paws and stuck to my guns. Little did I know that my paws would get scratched. Mom and Dad felt REAL bad, especially Mom. After they discovered I was hurt they started to do weird things to me that I DID NOT LIKE! I got my paws washed in bowls, then I had this solution put on my paws, and THEN I had to wear BABY SOCKS! Mom and Dad thought I looked adorable and took tons of pictures, however I was VERY embarassed. I'll share the pictures with you all, but don't share them with ANYONE ELSE!

Note from my Human: Don't worry bloggers Scarlett is just fine. Her paws are still pretty soft and I nor the trainer thought of that when we went to training. She is a very stubborn dog and refuses to walk on the leash. She needs to learn to walk because that is going to be her primary form of exercise. This trainer trains police dogs, therapy dogs, etc. and he is phenomenal. She'll be on grass from now on and he'll use a different approach to her walking on a leash. I would NEVER hurt my pup intentionally.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Woof! More Chores!

Just a lazy Saturday paying bills with Dad...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I LOVE My Walks!

I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful place to take walks!