Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scarlett...What kind of name is Scarlett?

Since I am still at the breeder's and my new Mom and Dad don't have pictures of me yet, I thought I'd tell you about my name! My name is special because it has two origins. First, my Mom and Dad are from Ohio and they both went to The Ohio State University. The Buckeyes, as they are more affectionately called, have two main colors they are associated with: scarlet and gray. The color scarlet is also a girls name, but with two t's and it was a name that both my mom and dad liked (dad is REALLY picky with names he doesn't like anything mom likes). My mom also reads a lot and I'm sure it will annoy me when I want to play and she's reading a really good book, but one of her favorite books is Gone With the Wind. The main character in GWTW is Scarlett O'Hara so that is also where I got my name. In addition, we live in Atlanta where the majority of GWTW took place! I love my name and I also have some nick names started: ScarBar, Scarboro, Miss McPooch, and grandpa came up with Scar Face today...not sure how I feel about that one!

3 more weeks until I leave my dog mom and dog dad! I'm sad, but I know I will have a great life in Georgia!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Patiently Waiting

24 MORE DAYS!!!!! I only have to wait 24 more days until my Mom and Dad come to get me and bring me home. Hopefully these days fly by! Soon I will put up some pictures of all of the fun stuff I have at my soon to be home that I am SUPER excited to play with. I wish there was such a thing as time travel so I can hurry these days up.
Oh! And my mommy made me a vet appointment today. She told me all about it. My new vet just opened up a brand new clinic just a half mile from our house. They also have dog boarding there too! Maybe I'll get to spend the night sometime.
Hope everyone is doing well in Doggie-Land!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picture Time

Here I Am!!
My new Mommy is great at petting me! I LOVE IT!

I'm so beautiful aren't I?

What's going on? Why did they put me down?

Me and my new family!

Woof! Woof!

Hello! I'm Scarlett. It is so wonderful to meet all you new readers of my new blog. Isn't it pretty? Let me start off my very first post by telling you a little bit about me! I was born on March 16, 2010 in Statesvillee, NC. Gene and Karen are the owners of my dog Mom (China) and dog Dad (Dusty). Their breeding business is called Maw and Paw's Goldens. They are really awesome and I'm glad I get to spend the first two months of my life with them. Right now I am four weeks old and my new Mom and Dad came to meet me today! They named me Scarlett and stayed and played with me for an hour and a half. It took them awhile to decide on me...I think they wanted my sister who is the runt of my litter, but I sure am glad they picked ME! Today I was pretty shy and calm and I really enjoyed snuggling with my new human Mom. My new human Dad was also a little shy. I am his very first pet and he does not know what to expect yet. On May 15th, when I am eight weeks old I will be going to live at my new home in McDonough, GA. I am a little scared to leave my dog Mom, but I have already heard some great things about my future home so I am starting to get excited. I will have a 40 acre lake to swim in and my new human Mom really likes to walk and says I will walk at least a mile a couple times a day. My new Dad really likes to fish so I will also get to spend some beautiful summer evenings fishing with him at our lake. I will try to behave, but I know that I have a lot of training to do so I can be the best Golden that I can be! I already have some dog friends that I haven't met yet, but I am really excited to have doggie play dates with them. There is Chloe the Cocker Spaniel, Coda and Beamer the Dachshund's, and Zoe the Schnauzer (except I won't get to see her too much because she lives in NC). I have some extended family too! Pete is my cousin and he is a Beagle and is not too much older than me! His birthday is in October. Darla is my Aunt and she is a Black Lab and I really can't wait to meet her. We are going to have a blast playing together and swimming. Aunt Darla is almost 8 years old and I hope I don't overwhelm her with my abundant amounts of energy!

I hope you all got to learn a lot about me and I can't wait to make some new animal friends with my new blog!