Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Local Bark and Bath!

On Thursday Mom and I went on a field trip to a place called Bark and Bath. I thought it was going to be a great place and I was a little bit wrong. I had to take a BATH and get my NAILS CUT! YUCK! Mom said it was worth taking me there because I'm such a rambunctious pup. So the bath part wasn't cool. We also found out that they have a doggie day care service. (This part sounds great to me!) It is $10.00 and I can go there all day and play with all kinds of dogs and my mom can pick me up later in the afternoon. She says this is a much better deal than my dog walker (even though she is AWESOME). $10 for the whole day or $15 for a half hour. I am not good at math, (I don't even know what math is) but the doggie day care sounds like a better deal to me!

Here are some pics of me after my bath. I don't understand why they put a blue bandana on me though. I am a girly girl and while baby blue is a beautiful color I think colors like pink, purple, or yellow might be a better fit!

Hope you had a FUNtastic weekend!!


Sam said...

That is a great deal on doggie day care! We hope you have lots of fun while you are there!


Meeka said...

Have a FUN week! You look beautiful in blue.

JackDaddy said...

You look beautiful and I bet you smell just as good!!