Thursday, June 3, 2010

Woof! Here I am!

Well hey there friends! It has been almost a week since I've updated you on my puppy happenings! So here is what is new!

I am sleeping all night in my crate without making any accidents or crying at all. Mom and Dad really appreciate it and we all get a good nights rest.

I am not potty trained yet. However, I have gone almost a week or more without making any accidents in the house. Except for today. Mom and I were playing fetch and I just got too excited and couldn't hold it any longer. I think I have done so well because Mom and Dad are good at taking me outside A LOT!

I LOVE going on walks with Mom and we've been going for almost a mile a couple times a day. I know I can get away with a lot from Dad so we only make it to the top of the hill. This morning we went a really long way and I pooped twice on my walk! I was proud of myself!

Mom says she is done working so I get to spend a lot of the day hanging out with her around the house.

My mom is looking in to taking me to a trainer. She wants to get into dog training and found a guy who certifies people to become trainers. She loves dogs and I think she would enjoy it. Afterall I can sit on command now. I sit before I come inside, I sit while I wait for my breakfast and dinner, and I have to sit before my dish gets set down in front of me and I have to wait until I hear "okay" before I can eat. I love hearing "good girl" and "good Scarlett" so that is why I am sitting so good!

Yesterday I discovered these things called stairs. Mom doesn't let me go over that way, but I snuck over there and climbed about half way up before she found me. Then I had a problem. I was too scared to get back down! So I just hopped up the rest of the steps before Mom got me. It's on video so maybe I'll post it soon.

In other news I am going to the vet on Saturday morning so I'll let you know how big I've gotten! I have to get those scary shots again.

ALSO - I went to my Dachsaund friend Beamer's Lake House this weekend. It was in ALABAMA!!! I got to chew on tons of sticks and pine cones and I even tried my paws at swimming again. I am not too sure how good I am or how much I like it. I DID NOT like traveling there though. I get car sick! On the way there wasn't too bad. I only threw up twice. On the way home though was bad! I threw up three times! YUCK!! Once I had everything out of my tummy though I just slept and everything was alright. I wonder if I'll ever outgrow my carsickness. Here are a couple pictures from the lake!

I am soooo PRETTY!!! I was smelling the fresh lake air!

I was chilling on the dock helping the guys fish! Super fun!


Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hey Scarlett

Sounds like you had fun at the lake except for the car sickness. Daisy had trouble with that, and we found cracking the back windows all the time-even on the highway with the air on, helped a lot. You might want to try it. We made it all the way to Kentucky from Massachusetts with no incidents, and even were able to close the windows after about 2 hours.

Tucker and Daisy

Charlie said...

Hi Scarlett,

I didn't learn about stairs until I was almost 1 yr old and we moved to a new house - my mom put treats on the stairs, though, and I learned real real fast!

Take it easy & don't bite the vet - they hate that! :)
- Charlie

central bark designs said...

Scarlett -
I too use to get carsick as a pup - but have grown out of it. I discovered that SUV's are better than cars. If I can sit high up and see whats around me I'm fine. I made it all the way from DC to NYC without a problem - and I use to get sick after 20:00 in the car!

JackDaddy said...

Ah, you are a very lucky puppy - rides to the lake and all!

I hope you like riding in the car soon - that's one of the most funnest things ever!