Friday, June 18, 2010

Minor Injury...I'm Okay!

I had a minor injury last weekend, but don't worry I'm FINE!!! I had my first day of training with Mr. Doug and my paws got a little hurt. First of all I'm a stubborn pup and I want to walk on the leash my way or no way. So I put my paw down and said NO I will not walk with you. Did you canines know that humans are just a little bit stronger than us pups? Mr. Doug made me WALK! So I just drug my paws and stuck to my guns. Little did I know that my paws would get scratched. Mom and Dad felt REAL bad, especially Mom. After they discovered I was hurt they started to do weird things to me that I DID NOT LIKE! I got my paws washed in bowls, then I had this solution put on my paws, and THEN I had to wear BABY SOCKS! Mom and Dad thought I looked adorable and took tons of pictures, however I was VERY embarassed. I'll share the pictures with you all, but don't share them with ANYONE ELSE!

Note from my Human: Don't worry bloggers Scarlett is just fine. Her paws are still pretty soft and I nor the trainer thought of that when we went to training. She is a very stubborn dog and refuses to walk on the leash. She needs to learn to walk because that is going to be her primary form of exercise. This trainer trains police dogs, therapy dogs, etc. and he is phenomenal. She'll be on grass from now on and he'll use a different approach to her walking on a leash. I would NEVER hurt my pup intentionally.


Sam said...

We've had a few of those stubborn pups! She looks very cute in her socks.


JackDaddy said...

Oh, I'm sorry that Scarlett was being so stubborn!!

Meeka said...

Oh no! Hope your paws feel better.
You look so cute in your winnie the pooh socks though.