Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sorry! We've been busy!!

Hey guys! Sorry we have not blogged in a long time. Mom has been busy with getting ready to go back to work. She is a teacher and the schools here South of HotLanta start the first week of August. I have overheard her talking with Dad about whether or not I can stay by myself all day while they are at work. They created my own puppy play land (photo below) so I have more room to frolic and play while they are gone. I absolutely love it. I like to pull my towels down off of my crate and lay on them and swing them around. The longest they have left me is 5 hours and I am happy to report that I made NO ACCIDENTS!!! Boy were my parents proud of me...I'm proud of myself, too! I get treats when they come home and there are no accidents to clean up. So I'll be alone for about 10 hours during the day sometimes less. Mom and Dad say they don't care if I make an accident because I'm still a puppy, but mom worries it is too long to be by myself and I might start causing some destruction. If the dog walker came it would only be a half hour and is expensive, but at least I'd have someone to come in and see me. On long days (when mom has school meetings) the dog walker will come, but not on a daily basis.

She wants your any of you work full-time and what did you do with your precious pups during those long days when you pups were still babies like me? I'm only 5 months old!

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Sam said...

Oh, the evils of having to work! Well, Monty is almost two, but we have to keep him in a crate because of his destructive nature. Sam is 8 and is fine all day by himself. We leave around 4:30ish in the morning, and if we are lucky, the first person home is around 3:30. Neither of them have had accidents so far! We do move Monty's crate into the entrance way where Sam sleeps all day so that he is not alone in the bedroom. The big thing is to make sure they get exercise in the evening. They build up lots of energy during the day and that is what will lead to problems! We make sure to take Monty and Sam for a walk each evening, and play catch with Monty in the backyard.

Good Luck!