Sunday, July 25, 2010

Car Sickness....STILL

I STILL get carsick! WTF!!! Mom and Dad are as frustrated about it as I am! I like to go to the dog park, to chloe's house, to dog training and I keep getting sick. Mom wants to take me to Ohio to visit my family and my Aunt Darla the Black Lab. She's hesitant to take me because of my car sickness. GRRRR!! I want to be cured of this!


Sam said...

Have you talked to your vet? They might have something you can give her. If not, I'd buy some easy to clean rubber backed sheets and just be prepared to do a little cleaning. We had a dog years ago like that and we ended up lining our back seat and keeping cleaning supplies ready! It did go away after a while (a long while) - I think taking her as often as we did helped her grow out of it.


Meeka said...

Sorry to hear that you still get carsick. I got carsick too when I was your age but got over it. Try not eating three or four hours before a car ride. If that doesn't help maybe your mom can check out this site
Mom orders some of my treats and meds from them (natural hot spot and ear meds)

Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hi Scarlett and Scarlett's Mom.

We used to have a lot of trouble with Daisy getting sick. The thing that finally worked for us was lots of fresh air. We leave the windows open a crack in the back, even with the air conditioning on, and that really seems to help. After a while, we can usually close them and she will be okay. Maybe this will help you.

Tucker and Daisy

Scout 'n Freyja said...

Don't worry too much about the car barfing, that might go away! We see your bloggy background disappeared. That has happened to lots of folks lately. Our momma helps lots of dogs and cats wif their bloggys. If you would like some help with your design and stuff, give our momma a bark, she'd be happy to help 'cause, well, she just likes to help. Just ask alla' the others who have needed a little tweek!