Sunday, October 17, 2010

Trip to Ohio

In September Mom and I went on a BIG trip to Ohio! We drove 12 hours together from Atlanta to Ohio and I did a pretty great job. I only got car sick through the Atlanta traffic...but Mom also gave me dramamine. I pretty much just slept the whole time. We stayed in a hotel in Kentucky and man was it fun! I got to jump from bed to bed...although I fell short a couple times and landed half on the bed and half on the floor. Mom thought I was pretty funny. Ohio was great though and I think I got over my fear of the car when I was there. I met my Aunt Darla the black lab and we played a little bit. She is an old dog so she didn't really like to play with me. We did go for a walk in the woods and she and I ran through acres and acres of forrest and I had a great time running with her. It was the first time Mom let me off the leash and I loved being FREE!!!! I also got to play with my cousin Pete the Beagle. Mom has some pictures and videos so enjoy!

Darla and I just hanging out in the Kitchen

Tired after running around in the woods!

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