Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Practice Summoning the Spirits

What did you all do today?

Today I...


Because all night last night I was summoning spirits with my very loud whines, yips, and barks! I think Mommy and Daddy are pretty tired today...but we played outside for 2 hours and had some friends come to visit!

Only a few accidents today...I'm trying hard, but when the urge comes it comes. I have discovered that when I am done being outside all I have to do is walk and stand in front of the back door to be let in. Sometimes I go to the door when I am being stubborn and don't want to go potty. I just really love sleeping on the cold tile floor!

I do not like my crate too much yet, but I am getting better at going in and going to sleep when I am inside. I don't quite like to play with my toys inside yet, but I am sure someday it will be alright. I would just rather be with my Mom and Dad playing in the living room!

Hope you all had a fantastic Wednesday!

p.s. I am going to try harder to keep the spirits at bay tonight while Mom and Dad sleep!

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