Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best Day...EVER!!!

OMG! Today was the best day of my LIFE!!! I played all day with my Daddy and then Mommy came home from work and let me nap for a bit and then the FUN began.

I went on my FIRST LONG WALK! Wow was I going. Mom and Dad weren't sure how far I would make it, but I surprised them and went super far!

Then the best part was we went to this thing called a lake! It was HUGE and had tons of water!! I will let you see all my beautiful pictures instead of hearing me babble on about this amazing adventure. Enjoy!

Here we go!

We met this thing called "Fred" he apparently is a cat. I wasn't so sure about him.

Actually...I was afraid of him. I stayed far away.

After we saw Fred, Mommy took over the leash. She is very strict with me on the leash. I am not allowed to pull and run ahead with her. She's teaching Daddy about not letting me pull, too. He's catching on...NOT GOOD.

I love this walking business.

WooHoo LOOK AT ME GO!!!!! On my way through the big tall grass to that lake thing!

Almost to the water...

WATER!!! I was thirsty after that long walk.

Mom wanted me to go in...I put a few paws in, but I don't think I'm ready to swim yet. I'm interested though...maybe next week.

I'm done. Mom, stop splashing me and let me chill by the water...geeze. I'm a water dog you know? I'll go swimming when I'm ready!


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