Friday, May 14, 2010

I Have Friends!!!!

Every day just keeps getting better and better!!! Tonight Katie the Bearded Collie from up the street stopped by to see me. They heard I came home on Monday and wanted to see if I was doing okay. I was sleeping under the table and didn't really want to wake up (Mommy and Daddy walked me REALLY far today). I sure am glad I woke up because Katie is AWESOME! She is huge!! All of the humans kept saying soon I will be bigger than her...that is hard to believe because I am so small. Mommy thought I'd be scared of Katie because she is so outgoing, but I sure held my own playing with her. THEN Coca Bear the half rat terrier half black lab came over and played too! She wasn't as energetic as Katie, but she sure was nice! I met her last night (Dad didn't have the camera so there aren't any pictures). Here are some pics of my on-the-whim doggie play date!

Hi Katie! Nice to meet you!

Doggie Kisses! Love!

Coca Bear!!!

Dog buddies!!!


central bark designs said...

Dog buddies are the best!

Looks like you're meeting a lot of new friends!

JackDaddy said...

How nice to have puppy neighbors!!

Sam said...

Hi Scarlett! Welcome to the blogging world! Thank you for stopping by and visiting our blog. We look forward to watching you grow up.